Trash & Treasures: Manhunter


For our anniversary I got myself an excuse to talk about Hannibal. And Hannibal.

It’s our third anniversary! We decided to celebrate by talking about Hannibal Lecter’s (excuse us, “Lecktor”) first appearance on film. And if that gives us lots of opportunities to also talk about a certain Bryan Fuller…well, that’s just a lucky coincidence, isn’t it?
But seriously, Manhunter is pretty great, and responsible for the aesthetic of forensic dramas as we know them today.
CONTENT WARNING for discussion of misogyny, sexualized violence/stalking, homophobia, and animal death

Cleolinda’s Hannibal Recaps

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0:30 The Legacy of Hannibal
12:30 The Big Crew Names
22:30 Sad Profiler Man’s One Last Job
27:30 Noonan’s Dollarhyde
31:00 Freddy v Freddie
36:00 WIlgram
39:30 Hannibal: Walking Intrusive Thought
47:00 Deviant Sexuality and the Family Unit
59:00 Reba
65:00 Finale Roulette
72:00 Should You Watch This

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