Trash & Treasures: Ready to Rumble


I may only be speaking as a backseat wrestling fan, but this really captures what makes fan enthusiasm for the sport so endearing.

This week stumbled into yet another production oddity–the 2000 film that was meant to promote World Championship Wrestling (WCW) but ended up effectively bankrupting it instead, leaving the WWE as the only big-name player in town. Now, we think wrestling is pretty neat but our knowledge of it is…uh. Limited, shall we say. So we had to call in a ringer to tell us all the cool wrestling history facts and references in this Arthurian quest narrative.
Or: wow, this held up so much better than the last movie from the turn of the century movie we tried to rewatch!

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of homophobia, transphobia, and anti-worker practices

Last Week Tonight on Wrestling(‘s lack of) Insurance

History of the Golden Lovers

2:30 Why Wrestling is Rad
17:00 Wrestling History Corner
25:00 A Noble Quest
32:00 When It’s Good…
38:30 Women Nominally Existing
54:00 Should You Watch This

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