Trash & Treasures: Stardust


Two things I learned this week: I’ve been reading Gaiman books for way too long, and this adaptation has aged a bit like milk.

The post-LOTR fantasy boom was a strange time. It inspired Hollywood to pick up dozens of fantasy novels and cram them into three-act Hollywood adaptations whether or not much remained of the original work by the end. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it…really, really didn’t.
Wow, this movie hates women more than we remembered, huh?

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, slavery and misogyny

That Good Omens Meta Dorothy Threatened

1:00 Gaiman History
9:00 The Mid-00s Fantasy Boom
18:00 Nice Guy Tristan
23:00 Wacky Murder Shenanigans
27:00 All Bicker, No Charm
37:00 So….Shakespeare
47:00 Third Act Misunderstanding
53:00 Brand New Ending
67:00 Should You Watch This

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