Trash & Treasures: Legend (w/ Shannon Dapper)


I call this next stretch of episodes “the Summer of Accidental Hot Takes.” It wasn’t our goal setting out, but when one digs into cult films with opinionated fanbases….well….

Look, sometimes a movie survives for 35 years because it’s very pretty and we all love Tim Curry, and it’s okay to admit that. This film has GLITTER and EIGHT THOUSAND CUTS and TANGERINE DREAM and oooooh boy that script, huh?

Content Warning for discussion of sexual assault, misogyny, and body horror

Shannon’s Twitter

The ARGonauts Podcast

1:00 Background and Cuts
16:00 This is a Fairy Tale, Not a Legend
23:00 Fae Stuff
27:30 Ending Rundown
32:30 The Ridley Cuts Thing
38:00 Fanfic Check
43:00 Who Could This Still Be For
50:00 Final Thoughts

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