Drunk Book Club: Poppy Z Brite’s LOST SOULS


Okay y’all, who wants to talk about adolescent transmasculine misogyny?

80s and early 90s vampire fiction responded to the wealth porn aestheticism of Anne Rice by getting as punk and filthy as possible, with varying results (look we’re not even going to humor the claim that this is anything but very obviously a response to the Vampire Chroincles). In this case….well. Is it possible to be more misogynistic than an Anne Rice book?
Turns out the answer is yes, when your book is written by a then-closeted trans man still Working Through Some Shit. There is, as the academics say, a lot to unpack here.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, forced pregnancy, anti-choice rhetoric, uterine horror, rape apologism, misogyny, pedophilia, incest, drug use, and body horror. This one is A LOT, so take care

1:00 That Closeted Trans Dude Feel
8:30 Drinks
12:30 Prologue
21:00 Small Realisms
24:00 Fuck You, Steve
28:00 “Secret Bone Dance”
41:00 Death By Baby
49:00 The Failure of Nothing
54:00 College Course Storytime
57:00 Abjection of Sexuality
69:00 Switched at Birth Fantasy
71:00 This, That, and the Other
75:00 The Danger of a Moral Center Character
79:00 Death to the Old Vampire
81:00 Should You Read This

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