Trash & Treasures Pride Month Edition (w/ Ross Dickerhoof): In & Out


Because good lord did we need to end on something sweet, even if it is a bit on the toothless side.

It’s been a rough theme, so we decided to close out on something fluffy: sure, this is the epitome of “we want the gays to have rights but we don’t want them to be TOO gay about it, except maybe in a funny way,” but it’s also sweet and sometimes wicked sharp satire. Plus, it’s a movie about gay men written by a gay man, making it the first movie this year where the author’s identity matches up to the identity story they’re trying to tell.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of homophobia and fatphobia

Move it Football Head (A Hey Arnold Retrospective)

Ross’ Twitter

The Mary Kay Letourneau Scandal

2:00 Production
6:00 The Tom Hanks Incident
16:00 Don’t Tell the Straights
22:00 Magnum Love(ish) Interest
24:00 Oh, Joan
29:00 Extremely Legal Teacher Boning
35:00 THINK of the CHILDREN
41:00 “Dance Party” is Code For “We Have No Ending”
44:00 Fuzzy but Toothless
50:00 Should You Watch This

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