Trash & Treasures Pride Month Edition: To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar (w/ Alexis Sara)


The title isn’t the only thing about this movie that’s A Lot.

The biggest movie to deal with transness in the 90s—well….it thinks it’s talking about drag, except for the part where all of its leads are full-timers. The charming Alexis Sara rejoins us to talk about drag politics, the movie’s “naturalistic” racism, and that damned “all homophobes are just in the closet” trope. Remember, trans people are people too: specifically, they are sexless fairy godmothers who will descend to solve cis peoples’ problems.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of transphobia, racism, spousal abuse, homophobia, police brutality, and sexual harassment

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1:00 Production History
5:00 Drag Politics
11:00 “Little Latin Boy in a Dress”
26:00 “Hilarious” Police Brutality
32:00 Small Town Subplots
37:30 What Tone Are You Even Going For
43:00 Sexless Fairy Godmothers
46:00 Vida is a Lesbian
52:00 Should You Watch This

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