Trash & Treasures Pride Month Edition: Kissing Jessica Stein


This was the longest 90 minutes I’ve sat through in a good long while. Lesbian phase movies will do that.

This one is so bad Dorothy and Vrai couldn’t ask anyone else to be involved. It would’ve been cruel. Yes, marvel at the go-to example of the lesbian phase movie, complete with the myth of “lesbian bed death.” It’s a real shame this isn’t the podcast with the booze. For bonus points, this is quite the snapshot of a pre-9/11 America (oh yes, you bet this is a “New York is the center of the universe’ movie).

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of homophobia and gold star bullshit.

1:00 Background Info
6:00 Critical Reception
11:00 90s New Yorker Problems
17:00 The Newspaper Ad
22:00 Politics of the Closet
31:00 “Lesbian Bed Death”
39:00 Successfully Got That Dick
45:00 A Terminal Lack of Gay in the Queer RomCom
52:00 Should You Watch This

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