[Link] The Good Omens Miniseries is Definitely a Fanfic I Read in 2006

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I’ve been a fan of Good Omens since high school, so there was exactly zero chance I was gonna miss out on writing about its very, very long-awaited adaptation.

Just about every Good Omens fan has a story about a copy (or two) that was lent out and never returned as a point of pride. And the book’s struggle to make it to adaptation are nearly as legendary as the book itself, spawning a Gaiman short story (“The Goldfish Pond”) fictionalizing his frustration with the process and a bunch of weird factoids, like the time Robin Williams was pegged for the angel Aziraphale. No adaptation was ever going to live up to that level of hype — in fact, I’d argue that “good enough” was as high a compliment as any adaptation could ever earn.

The production team for the newly-released Amazon/BBC series seemed well aware of that fact, with Gaiman stating in several interviews that his main goal with the show was to make something the late Terry Pratchett would’ve liked. The sincerity shows on all fronts, and that is “good enough” in its own way. I sat down to watch the thing mostly out of obligation, but came away basking in the warmth of familiarity. A very particular type of familiarity, in fact. What I’m saying is that this miniseries is a Livejournal fanfic circa 2006.

Read it at Fanbyte!

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