Trash & Treasures PRIDE MONTH EDITION: Philadelphia


Things are always queer around here, but this is the time of year where we structure a whole lecture series about an aspect of queer film history.

This year’s theme? Movies about queer identity made for the consumption of straight, cis audiences.

It’s only natural that we’d start with a doozy: 1993’s Philadelphia, the first mass-market (but not the first by a long shot) work to discuss the AIDS crisis. It won a fuckton of awards, spawned another movie and a lawsuit, and–as is becoming a theme here–criminally underutilizes Antonio Banderas. Intersectionality? What’s that?

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of homophobia, hate crimes, racism, terminal illness and death

1:00 The Crew and Legal Fuckery Too
12:00 The Oscars Snafu
19:00 Our Real Protagonist
27:00 Bad Legal Drama
32:00 Another Day, Another Thankless Banderas Role
41:00 Tolerance Politics Blow
48:00 Wait, Did Anyone Learn Anything

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