Weekly Movie Liveblogs!

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Hey, did you know that you could be getting additional weekly content? It’s true.

The blog’s Patreon recently hit a funding goal for weekly liveblogs–basically, every week I pick a movie and comment my way through it, from one-liners to in-the-moment analysis. If you’re a $3 patron, you get to vote on which movies I pick, but the liveblogs themselves are freely available to everyone!

You can find them either by watching the feed on my Patreon page or by checking out the liveblog tag on Tumblr. After a couple of test cases I realized it was cleanest to just make one long post that encapsulates the entire movie rather than multiple bite-sized ones, so the backlog should be fairly easy to navigate.

There’s no set genre for liveblogs–it’s run the gamut so far from Practical Magic to Society–but I do tend to enjoy blogging horror movies simply because I love the genre and one of its strengths is vicarious or communal audience experiences.

Alright, take care y’all. See you next time!

This post is made possible by kind contributors to this blog’s Patreon. If you like what you’ve read, please consider donating to help keep it running.

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