Trash & Treasures: Magic Mike XXL


I never saw the first movie and I clearly made the right choice.

Sometimes the sequel IS better.

We’re joined by film critic Ross Dickerhoof to talk Magic Mike XXL, the only film in the Mikeverse that Vrai has seen. Sure, it might not have the Deep Social Commentary of the original, but it also doesn’t seem like it hates its audience nearly as much, and we’re here for that. Let’s fight toxic masculinity with Backstreet Boys.

Move it Football Head (A Hey Arnold Retrospective)

Ross’ Twitter

1:00 We Picked the Better Movie
9:00 Symbolic Pool Party
14:00 In Conclusion, Fuck Mike
17:00 The Best House
20:00 Fix Fic
25:00 Actually Likes Women
28:00 Screens of Masculinity
33:00 The Big Show
38:00 Wine Mom Hell
43:00 Well, That Was Abrupt
46:00 Should You Watch This

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