Trash & Treasures: Dude, Where’s My Car?


Eyy, it’s the movie that The Hangover ripped off.

We wanted to bring you a snapshot of what stoner movies looked like in the pre-9/11 world, and this time it was Shawn’s turn to recommend a movie that he watched a long time ago and sort-of kind-of remembered being pretty funny and harmless. Time makes fools of us all.
Listen, there are fun weed movies. And then there’s this.
CONTENT WARNING for discussion of racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and Andy Dick

The Most Agonizing Rap
A Palette Cleanser

1:00 Weed Movies of Yore
6:30 Wall of Shame
9:00 The Weed Hangover
13:00 Shenanigans One (Feat. Racism and Terrifying Weed Dog)
20:00 Break for Strip Club Transphobia
24:00 Shenanigans Two (Feat. White Rap and Fabio)
28:30 Brent Spiner, Llama Farmer
33:00 Anyway, Cults
38:30 The Holodeck Theory
41:00 The Final Countdown
44:00 Why Did People Watch This

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