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This is what we do now, y’all. Ten years of trainwreck, with one really good actor playing the world’s gayest Lex Luthor.

One expert in Lex Luthor, one comic book reader, and one casual who watched the Donner movies one time: together they embark on a quest to sit through the WB’s ten-season smash hit–the show without which we wouldn’t have Supernatural OR Man of Steel. Buckle up, and if you’re ever in doubt, just remember that Lex is always wrong. Literally always.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of homophobia, brainwashing and hate crimes

1:00 Casting Gags and Other Influences
5:00 “No Flights, No Tights”
8:00 The Major Players
14:00 Baby Lex’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
23:30 Clark, Large Meat Man (and Asshole)
29:00 Monsters of the Week
33:00 Wow, This is Gay
37:30 Man of Steel Takes Furious Notes
41:00 Hate Crimes 2: The Jockening
50:00 Let’s Predict the Future

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