Drunk Book Club: Chrome


This book cover became a minor meme, but I don’t think most people believed it was real–or that it was, in fact, a landmark work of queer sci-fi. And also eye-poppingly terrible.

We promised, and we finally delivered: we read the Robot Dildo Arms book, aka a landmark work of queer science fiction aka some fuckery that epitomizes the “fuck you, got mine” of a certain subset of white gay men.

Join us as a goofy, harmless fantasy about boning handsome hard-bodied aliens takes a sharp left turn into eugenics and Why Feminism Is Bad. It is. A trip.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, misogyny, animal death, racism, and eugenics

00:30 Author History
7:00 Sexy Desert Masseuse
11:00 Roving Gangs of Teenage Girls
17:00 Young King Jerk-Off
24:00 The Evil Hospital of Evil Women
37:30 Knock-off Nurse Ratched
44:00 RIP Twists That Could’ve Been
47:30 The Great Jizz Heist
53:00 Did We Mention the Cult
58:00 Rover: Cuddly Asexual Robot Bodyguard
64:00 We Had a Climax but We Left it Offscreen
70:00 Final Thoughts

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