Trash & Treasures: (American) Dark Water


This was one of the last films of the J-Horror remake boom of the early 00s. And despite being a bit of a mess, it has some genuinely ideas.

Didn’t we say we were going to be talking about the Japanese remake of Ghost this week?

Uh, yeah. About that….

Change of plans aside, today’s movie has some interesting ideas in its back pocket about neglect, skin-crawlingly upsetting sets, and some very confused themes about motherhood and mental illness.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of mental illness, suicide, child abuse, sexual assault, neglect, and gaslighting

0:30 The Ghost Hunt
5:30 Bursting the J-Horror Remake Bubble
8:30 Content Notes
10:30 Casting Choices
14:00 The Premise
18:00 The Grimiest Sets and Worst Occupants
26:00 Slow Decay
30:00 The Mental Illness Boogeyman
32:00 A Shitty Lawyer Appears
37:00 The Tragedy of Neglect
42:00 What Makes a “Good” Mother
46:00 The Child Actor Problem
48:00 Should You Watch This

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