Trash & Treasures: Angel Sanctuary


There’s trash and then there’s TRASH. Ah, I remember it well.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! As is our tradition, we’ve spent the occasion watching another trashy romance anime. This year it was the grandaddy of incest, the forebearer that….still looks goo compared to OreImo, to be honest, the series that led to many many exhausting online arguments where people equated queerness with incest and thought they were being helpful: Angel Sanctuary.
What happens when you take away the gorgeous art that the manga coasted on and cram more than half a dozen volumes into less than 90 minutes? One of the worst trainwrecks of the era, that’s what. And we’re old, we’d know.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, incest, transphobia, homophobia, and suicide

1:00 Background
5:00 The Incest Knock-On Effect
8:00 Nostalgia Factor
10:00 The Premise
13:30 Lost in Animation
16:00 Helpful Pining Queers
18:30 Pre-OreImo
22:00 Bad Gender Takes
27:00 Roziel and Alexiel
33:00 The Incest Road Trip
37:00 Child Logic
42:30 Manpain Apocalypse
45:00 Sequel Hook
50:00 Should You Watch This

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