Trash & Treasures: DEBS (w/ Alexis Sara)


The movie so nice it deserved visiting twice, with a guest who fully appreciates its charms.

Our very first guest brought only the best — one of the most adorable gay romcoms on offer by seriously underappreciated filmmaker Angela Robinson. It’s cheesy, it’s heartwarming, and it’s got a very special place in Dorothy’s memories.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of homophobia and racism

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1:00 Deja Vu
4:00 History and Availability
9:30 The Premise
12:30 Quality Cheese Aesthetic
16:00 Poor Max
19:30 Ugh. Janet.
21:00 Million Dollar Idea
24:00 This Is Just High School
28:00 The Best Joke
31:00 Solid Budgeting
37:00 That Social Commentary
41:00 TV Gal Pals
48:00 Fancy Homophobia
52:30 Should You Watch This

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  1. well since you’ve already invited Alexis to do a cross over, you might as well keep going and invite more awesome queer POC onto your crossovers episode! I loved you and Lizzie Vistante in the Michiko and Hatchin watch-along so I’d totes be down with seeing you guys do an episode on Trash and Treasures together!

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