[Link] The Vampire Movie That’s Also a Queer Love Story


I’ll stop beating this drum when people stop calling this a “boy meets (cis) girl” story.

2008’s Let the Right One In was the counterweight to the Twilight fever of the 2000s: a vampire love story that was also dripping with gore and happy to embrace the darker elements of the genre. It walks a line between sympathizing with its young outcasts and the connection they find and acknowledging that “hey, it’s probably good that this kid found a vampire, because he’s already a burgeoning serial killer.” And it’s become a beloved cult classic in the decade since its release. But not everyone is aware that it isn’t just a vampire love story—it’s a queer one.


Let the Right One In began life as a Swedish novel published in 2005. It is in some ways an incredibly difficult text to parse—partly because it has the shortcomings and excesses of a first novel, partly because it is being read in translation, and partly because it is a story about gender identity written by a cisgender author.

Read it at VRV

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