Trash & Treasures: (Italian) Herbert West Re-Animator


This movie came right the fuck out of nowhere and it is the most bugfuck weirdo flick I’ve ever seen. It was fabulous.

This movie sprang fully formed from nowhere, and we’re here to tell you: you should definitely watch it while you still know as little as possible. The experience is magical.

But if you’re not inclined, you can listen to us try to explain this utterly bizarre attempt to wed Herbert West to the more eldritch parts of the mythos, with artsy aspirations and the budget of half a ham sandwich. We’re still not sure we understand it. Also there’s canonically a trans Herbert now. Sure he’s an eldritch nightmare creature, but we’ll take what we can get.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of child death, body horror, Lovecraft fuckery

The Younger and Sexier Reboot

2:00 The Origins of Herbert
7:00 Black and White Means It’s Profound
10:00 Dadbert
16:00 The First Successful Reanimation
19:30 Meanwhile, in Corpse Land
21:00 Herbert Jr
28:00 Step Three: Profit
31:00 The Lovecraft Problem (The Other One)
35:00 Welcome to Hellgatory
43:00 What Even Was This
47:30 Should You Watch This

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  1. I’ll admit I haven’t listened yet, because I want to take your advice and watch it first. Where did you find it? My local libraries and streaming services are failing me…

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