Winter 2019 Premiere Reviews


This is a pretty slim season for new series–lot of sequels and continuations. And it’s winter, which is always sort of the dump season anyway. Still, there’s a few potential gems.


The Price of Smiles

This is an extremely basic War Bad sci-fi series but I’m finding it super watchable for some reason. It might have more brains than it’s letting on, and I’m getting them gay vibes.


Pastel Memories

It has all the problems mobile game adaptations usually do and also GOD is it boring.



It’s genuinely atmospheric and I’m starving to death for transmasc characters so I’m here, even if it fucks it up because 60s manga.


WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me

Why the fuck is “lesbian pedophile” a subgenre now. Anime was a mistake.


The Promised Neverland

In case you’re the last one to hear, a Shonen Jump series is worth watching again. Like, what are you waiting for.



I’m not gonna watch more but it’s pretty visually interesting and creative with its limited budget.


Girly Air Force

Holy shit does this piece of propagandist crap have a boner for the military. My jaw actually dropped.


Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

It’s definitely an edgy dark magical girl series but it’s also kind of campy and actually hopeful rather than relentless misery porn.


Bermuda Triangle ~ Colorful Pastrale

Ohhhh my God it’s dull. And cheap-looking. And I have no idea what the plot’s supposed to be.


The Magnificent KOTOBUKI

It starts out looking kinda janky but the flying sequences are great and I dig the cool pilot ladies. Looks quality.

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