Drunk Book Club: Blood Communion


This one’s a soul-crusher folks. And we’re experienced in reading this crap.

We rang in the new year with the latest…well, it’s not really the Vampire Chronicles anymore, at least not in a way we can recognize it. The third book in the Prince Lestat series.
Join us for an odd book that’s barely long enough to be considered a novel, where all the antagonists are wrapped up by the 3/4 mark, and where the plot runs on granting wishes in the most monkey’s paw-like style.
It….it’s bad, y’all. We say that a lot, but like this one is REAL bad. You can actually chart our souls leaving our bodies.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of extreme violence, misogyny, transphobia, racism, slavery, grooming and sexual assault

Vrai’s Livetweet

Dorothy’s Deadblog

Virtue Coding

Special thanks to the Duke University Choir (Dies Irae)

And to the Birmingham University Choir (O Fortuna)

1:00 the ARC Saga
3:00 Mixology
5:00 ICYMI, A Recap
18:30 Our Story Begins. By Offing an Established Character Offscreen
23:00 Iron Does What Now
28:00 This Dude has One Trick
33:00 Goodbye, Most Interesting New Character
40:00 The OTP
48:00 It’s Armand O’Clock
51:00 80 Pages and No Antagonist
57:00 Did the Bad Guy Lie About Getting Rid of His Secret Torture Chamber?
62:00 Sequel Hook
68:00 Hysterical Ladies and Predators
73:00 Prose and Continuity Corner
78:00 Unacknowledged Horror

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  1. I got so utterly bored with this one that I literally started rewriting it in my head in real time to make it more interesting. Specifically I decided to pretend that Louis and Armand blatantly got back together again between this and the last book, but missed the window to tell Lestat and now it’s really awkward.

    Armand: “We should tell him…”
    Louis: “Yes, I know, but…he just seems really happy right now…”

    So much more interesting than anything that was happening on screen!

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