Trash & Treasures: Toys/Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys


Prepared to be terrified, and not by the ostensible horror movie.

Happy Holidays, listeners! 2018 has been a real butt of a year, but we’re still alive and glad to have you with us. This year’s double feature includes a charming Christmas movie that’s mostly for kids with one or two exceptions, and one starring Robin Williams.
Seriously, though, Toys might be the most thematically mismatched film we’ve seen in a while: war is bad, y’all. Except apparently when it makes you a Manlier Adult.
As a heads up, we had a mic die part way through recording and some other shenanigans, so sorry about any audio issues. Stay safe, and let’s get through the next year together.

Content Warning for brief discussion of sexual harassment and racism

1:00 Full Moon: Purveyors of Scary Small Shit
7:30 15 Years Later
10:00 The Other Toys
14:00 Halloween III but Christmas
30:00 FOR KIDS
40:00 The Most Pre-9/11
48:00 War is Bad (but Also Makes You Manly)
55:00 This Was Not the Metaphor You Intended
60:00 Should You Watch This

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