Trash & Treasures: Hudson Hawk


I wouldn’t say this is a GOOD movie, but it’s definitely a hell of a spectacle.

People who expected Bruce Willis to do more Die Hard back in the 90s resented the hell out of this bizarro live-action cartoon heist movie, but is it actually that bad?
Well, it doesn’t help that it was made after Roger Rabbit, but this is probably the closest to a decent live-action Lupin III that we’ll ever get.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault and animal death

Swinging on a Star Heist

1:30 Man, People Hate This Movie
5:00 Extremely Italian Actor Bruce Willis
15:00 Dan Brown Better Be Writing a Check
21:00 Our Adorable Cartoon Villains
30:00 Vacation Filming in Italy
37:30 Of Course the Vatican
44:00 The Master Plan
55:00 Should You Watch This

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