Trash & Treasures: Austin Powers


20 years. I made it almost 20 years without watching this movie.

This week we looked back not so much at a forgotten classic as a contained moment in pop culture that everyone is at least a little bit embarrassed about. Because apparently it was time to break Vrai’s narly 20-year streak of “zero Austin Powers movies watched.”

We dug in to this cold, cold corpse to find out if any of the jokes are still funny, or if this is yet one more thing 90s kids will have trouble explaining to the next generation.

Austin Powers 4

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of racism and sexism

1:45 90s Meme Phenomenon
5:00 How Did This Happen
9:00 A Primer
13:30 No Mentioning AIDS
15:00 Dr Evil is Still Funny (Except…)
21:00 Elizabeth Hurley: Oops All Scab
30:00 Thanks Carrie Fisher
32:00 Cut Content
34:00 The Fish is Out of Water
37:00 Seth Green
43:00 Evil Sidekicks
46:00 When Do You Let a Joke Die (Not Yet)
48:30 Should You Watch This

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