Trash & Treasures: Lupin III – Strange Psychokinetic Strategy


This is it, this is the worst version of Zenigata I’ve ever seen. And preeeetty much everyone else too. Except Fujiko, she’s great.

Look, we all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes involve recommending a movie you haven’t watched in half a decade to people, because you remember it being funny and charming. Sometimes you are very wrong.
Anyway, this is the Lupin property semi-responsible for getting Red Jacket–easily the most famous installment in the Lupin III franchse–greenlit. And boy is it….awfully 70s.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault

2:00 Lupin History
8:00 Dear 70s — why?
10:30 A Plot, of Sorts
13:00 Character Remixes
18:00 Soundtrack
20:00 The Worst Zenigata
22:30 A Lupin Dynasty
26:00 A Very Un-Elaborate Heist Movie
29:00 Psychokinesis
33:00 Everybody Wants to Reinvent the Wheel
36:30 Should You Watch This?

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