Trash & Treasures: Let the Right One In


Easily one of my favorite horror films, this. And one of the great modern vampire stories.

Let’s round out October with a quiet, spooky little love story about tenderness in a brutal world. Let the Right One In is closer to being a Vampire Chronicles movie than Queen of the Damned ever was; the remake is a pile of stinkgarbage; the author comes off as intensely dudebro; and yes, we’re going to have a sit down and talk about The Gender Thing so that Vrai’s brains don’t melt out their ears.

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Watch it on Shudder

The Subtitle Debacle

Author Interview

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of pedophilia, bullying, violence toward children, animal death, gore, sexual assault, and mutilation.

1:30 Background
6:00 The Premise
9:00 We All Liked Morbid Shit, Bro
12:00 A Note on Pronouns
17:00 The Worst Character (AKA “This Was Worse in the Book”)
22:30 A Nice Love Story
25:00 How Do Vampire Rules
30:00 The Eli’s Gender Talk
42:00 This is Just Armand and Daniel
47:00 “Reinventing the Genre” (with Dick Monsters)
52:00 The Subtitle Debacle

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