Fall 2018 Premiere Reviews (Part II)


The back half of premieres, which was mostly….fine. Yup, fine. And occasionally incompetent.


Anima Yell!

Cute girl club anime are not my thing, but I kinda hope somebody is watching this. It’s harmless and seems to genuinely respect cheering as a sport.


My Sister, My Writer

The production background for this show is apparently an absolute clusterfuck and it shows. Can’t even get riled about the sisterfucking, it’s just so boring and ugly.


As Miss Beelzebub likes.

It’s fine as a fluffy romcom (though I don’t like the looks of that Wacky Comedy Pedo in the OP) but it’s just….so heterosexual.


Fall Premiere Digest

All this season’s premieres, including the stuff other writers besides me covered.

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