Trash & Treasures: The Wicker Man (1973)


It’s both a better movie than the Nic Cage remake and has a way more interesting backstory than the bee movie could ever live up to

We’re starting October with one of the team’s favorite horror movies. No bees here–just one of Christopher Lee’s favorite roles, a movie he believed in so much he literally paid his own way for a press tour to small towns across America, and possibly the weirdest post-production history of all time.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of animal death, sexual harassment, and misogyny (because we couldn’t completely escape talking about the remake)

Watch it on VRV

2:00 The Most Fucked-Up Production History
18:00 Lost Scenes and Cuts
21:00 Spoilers Start Here
23:00 Speaking the Same Words but Different Languages
29:00 Personal vs Systemic Faith
38:00 The Terror of Sexuality (Howie is Lawful Stupid)
46:00 The Fuckin Remake
49:30 The Sequel That Never Was
55:00 Should You Watch This

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