Trash & Treasures: Re-Animator


It’s our second anniversary! Time to celebrate with one of my all-time favorite horror movies. All hail Herbert West, the gayest mad scientist.

For our second anniversary, we once again watched one of our favorite films: the 1985 horror-comedy Re-Animator. It’s the story of Herbert West, a small ball of anger with no impulse control who wants to cure death, hates plagiarists, and chooses his assistant after seeing his dick. So, a relatable guy, all told.

Seriously, though–while you might not guess it from the movie’s traditionally bro-y fanbase, this is an extremely gay film, and Herbert West is the most queercoded mad scientist not directed by James Whale. It’s freakin delightful, if you don’t mind buckets of blood and one very sour, unpleasant scene. We’re here to introduce some new fans and talk about the many versions old fans might not have heard of.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of animal death, gore, sexual assault, misogyny, and racism (it’s Lovecraft, after all)

Watch on Shudder

Other versions of Herbert West

Jeffrey Combs, foot in mouth:
On Herbert and Asexuality
On Playing a Damsel

The Mesmerism Subplot

The Most Important Cut Scene

2:30 The Canon of Cult
7:00 The Lovecraft Stories
11:00 Our Cast
16:00 Dan Cain: Terrible Doctor
21:00 The Many Film Cuts
23:00 Someone Help Meg Halsey
26:00 Herbert West: Shitlord
30:00 The Mesmerism Subplot
34:00 Cat Dead, Details Later
42:00 Morgue Shenanigans
49:30 Sandwich and a Fix
58:30 Assault: Not Actually Funny (Morgue Shenanigans II)
66:00 Gay Science
69:00 Should You Watch This

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