Trash & Treasures: The FP

This episode was requested by a friend of the show, and I can’t shake the feeling some kind of vengeance is being wreaked upon me.

This episode was requested by friend of the show Andrew, which might be the only reason we watched this truly baffling Mad-Max-meets-Bloodsport indie film. Through some kind of witchcraft this film was allegedly made in 2011, despite being the most potent distillation of “Otakon 2006” we’ve ever seen. Learn with us how, apparently, meth makes you good at DDR, and wonder how the hell these actual famous people got here.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of racism, sexual assault, and drug use.

The Short Film

1:00 Why Are We Watching This
4:00 Production Shenanigans
10:00 The Road Revenger
13:30 Confederate DDR Fuckwits
17:00 Meth Makes You Better at DDR
20:00 The Fashion
26:00 Suddenly Boobs
28:30 Why are YOU In This Movie
33:00 Everything Happens So Much

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