[Link] Summer 2018 three-episode check-in


I’m keeping up with more shows than usual this season (which is to say, more than three); and while it’s something of a weak season overall, there are a few attention-grabbers out there.

he summer shows have had some time to stretch their wings, so let’s see how they’re shaping up!

As per the new format, the team split up the reviews between staff volunteers, with one person putting together a short review on each series. Like we do in our check-in podcasts, we started from the bottom of our Premiere Digest list and worked our way up. If we didn’t watch a show for at least three episodes, we skipped it, and we’ve used nice bold headers to help you quickly jump to the shows you’re interested in. Unless specifically noted, we’re only discussing the first three episodes, even if a show has released more than that.

We don’t have the time to keep up with everything, so please let us know about any gems we might be missing in the comments!

Read it at Anime Feminist!

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  1. I’m really not watching much this season, but I’m totally with you on Banana Fish. Those English subtitle translations are a real shame, because they detract from a lot of the enjoyment of the show for me, when of course that particular aspect isn’t the show’s fault. I’m not a translator and by no means regard myself as fluent in Japanese, but I know enough that when I see some of the subtitles, particularly the ones concerning insults, I have to grit my teeth in frustration.

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