Trash & Treasures: Best Worst Movie

Fun fact: this is still totally enjoyable if you haven’t seen Troll 2.

Once upon a time, Troll 2 became known as one of the worst movies ever made. Years later, the movie’s young star decided to track down the other members of the cast and try to puzzle out why the heck people keep watching their terrible movie. Some wound up well-adjusted, some less so, and the director is an unmitigated asshole merrily hanging himself with his own words.

Content Warning for discussion of mental illness and abusive behavior

1:00 Troll 2’s Production and Direcotr (a Legendary Asshole)
17:00 The Timeframe of the Documentary
19:00 Where Were They Now
30:00 Taking the Film on Tour
33:00 Seriously, Fragrasso is an Asshole
39:00 The Most Awkward Scene Ever Filmed
45:00 Looking at Fandom From the Outside
52:00 Should You Watch This

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