Trash & Treasures: The Sweatbox

How is it that every time Disney tries to bury something it thinks will hurt its reputation, it manages to make itself look 10000x worse in the process?

We haven’t talked about Disney for one full year–so what better way to come back to the subject than a documentary Disney did its best to bury?

The Sweatbox covers what one might politely call the “troubled production” of Kingdom of the Sun, which eventually became the tragically underrated film The Emperor’s New Groove.

Also we learned one extremely important thing from this documentary: Fuck Sting, Apparently.

Did we mention it was co-directed by his wife?

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of cultural appropriation, sex work, sexism

Watch the Movie Free

Moon Over Bourbon Street

2:00 The Basics
6:00 Sting
11:00 Putting on Cultural Hats
16:00 The First Cut
21:00 Tired Glasses Man and Helium Dennis
24:00 The Soundtrack
28:00 Company Policy
34:00 A Class Act
36:00 In Fairness
39:00 The Vampire Detour (Moon Over Bourbon Street)
43:00 Doc qua Doc
53:00 Should You Watch This

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