[Link] Summer 2018 Premiere Digest


All the season’s premieres, all in one place! Complete with content warnings for your reading pleasure. I need a nap now.

A new season is upon us, which means fresh new anime hot out the oven! There are still a few stragglers this season, but now that we’ve gone through the main premiere rush, it’s time to get them all in one room together.

Which shows do you review? 

We don’t review shows that are direct sequels, shorts, or for young children. Anything not licensed and/or immediately available (‘sup, Netflix) is off the table as well. This left us with 26 eligible premieres in 14 days.

Please note that this summer season has a couple latecomers: Tsukumogami for Rent (July 22) and Bureau of Supernatural Investigation (August 3). We’ll review those when/if they become available in the U.S. and retroactively add them to this list.

Read it at Anime Feminist!


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