Summer 2018 Premieres (Part 2)


This is it, we’ve reached the end. Pick your shows and collect your winnings–it wasn’t exactly a huge crop of winners in the back half here.


Dropkick on My Devil!!

Okay as a contrast of moe visuals and Warner Bros-style violence, but that’s about all it’s got and will probably wear thin quickly.



Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

It’s competent as a ragtag-group setup, but I’m old and cynical and the idea of “anime 300” gives me tremendous side eye given current world politics.



Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King

It’s got all the hallmarks of A Square Enix Game, and waaaaaaay more characters than it can satisfyingly develop in 13 episodes. Kinda cute how proud it is to quote Hamlet of all things, though.



Happy Sugar Life

Fuck this misogynistic, edgelord piece of pedobait. It’s a lazy, self-satisfied disgrace to a subgenre of horror I frequently enjoy (the codependent fucked up lovers, not the glorified pedophilia).


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