Drunk Book Club: Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis


This is in the “hey, wanna get really discouraged about the state of the publishing industry” class of books.

We promised we would, so here it is: the book that spent a stunning two weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list despite having a decades-old fanbase, by the novelist who don’t need no editor but does have cease & desist letters if you write fanfic, we bring you: the Tale of the Madoka Bird Aliens and the Clone People andalsoohyeahsomevampiresiguess.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, racism, sexism, and TERFiness. Y’know, Anne Rice stuff. Minimal sexualization of teens though! cause none of those characters are in this one.

Prince Lestat Podcast

“Interrogating the Text from the Wrong Perspective”

Bodice Rippers, VC, and Virtue Coding

Vrai Livetweets Realms of Atlantis

1:00 Specialty Drink
3:00 Lestat and Louis
9:00 The Source of All Vampires
13:00 Lestat and Autonomy
16:00 The Standalone This Started As
21:00 Madoka Bird Aliens
25:00 The Replimoids
29:00 Framing and Storytelling
34:00 Amel: Maker of Sociopaths
39:00 As a Sequel
41:00 Analyzing the Prose
44:00 Gender Shit and Gabrielle
49:00 How Do Conflict
53:00 Louis is So Tired
59:00 Failures in Mad Science

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  1. Wow this is wild. Thanks for producing this! I had completely given up on Anne Rice many years ago, and hadn’t realized how bonkers-awful her books had gotten. Your commentary is quite entertaining and educational. I like how it’s not just mocking a bad book but a dissection/postmortem of how the book and series-as-a-whole is bad.

    Have you read Rice’s mummy book? “Ramses the Damned.” It claims to be a horror novel, but it’s mostly about upper-class Victorian folks having sex with solar-powered immortal beings who claim to be Egyptian. I don’t know if it has been retconned into the vampire ‘verse, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    When the trailer for the Tom Cruise version of the Mummy first started playing, my mother and I turned to each other and asked if it was an adaptation of the Anne Rice novel.

    • Dorothy’s read Ramses the Damned, but we’ve talked about it and we aren’t really comfortable doing a whole podcast about it–with the Vampire Chronicles there’s a lot of incidental racist shit, which we try to treat seriously when it comes up. But with Ramses (and Servant of the Bones) the racist shit is so bedrock to the novel that there’d be no way to make jokey jokes around it, and we wouldn’t want to. We’ve got other stuff of hers that’s possibly on the docket in future, though (including the new book, God help us). And one of these days I’m gonna finish writing about The Good Ones.
      This is Dorothy’s short sum-up of the non-VC Ricean books: http://goth-mabel.tumblr.com/post/160896762058/hi-so-i-heard-you-have-read-other-anne-rice-books

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