[Link] Feminist anime recommendations of Spring 2018


Life Stuff meant I had to drop most of the weekly shows I was following this season, even the ones I was tentatively enjoying like Last Period, Golden Kamuy, and Megalobox. But I did manage to drag myself through to having thoughts about a couple.

Spring has sprung, bloomed, and blossomed, which means it’s time for the staff to pluck out some favorites! From ragin’ red pandas to laid-back cafe boys, there’s a show for just about every mood in this season’s bouquet.

We talked about three kinds of recommendations:

  • Feminist-friendly favorite: You’d recommend it to a feminist friend with no caveats
  • Problematic favorite: You’d only recommend it to a feminist friend with caveats
  • Surprise favorite: You didn’t expect it to be something you’d recommend, but it was (either with or without caveats)

The titles below are organized alphabetically. As a reminder, ongoing shows are not eligible for these lists. We’d rather wait until the series (or season) has finished up before recommending it to others, that way we can give you a more complete picture.

Here’s what the team thought—let us know your picks in the comments!

Read the rest at Anime Feminist!

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