Trash & Treasures: Bound

While we’re all dying for more queer genre films, at least we’ve got this really really good one.

We wrap up Pride Month 2018 with the deservedly beloved Bound. Even as queer storytellers gain more opportunities and indie works become more widely available, films like Bound are still a relative rarity: a genre film (in this case, neo-noir) that happens to have a queer relationship at the heart of it rather than being a film about The Gay Experience. With a happy ending and everything.

Also it’s like, really good. Super fucking good. Maybe one of the Wachowski Sisters’ best, despite being their debut. With sex scenes they hired an actual lesbian to choreograph and everything! Apparently nobody ever thought of that before.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of brutal violence, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, homophobic slurs, torture

2:00 The Other Lesbian Heist Movie
5:00 The Plot
7:00 Our Heroines
11:30 Sex as Storytelling
19:00 “”””””Sexploitation””””””
23:00 Mob Violence
29:00 Trust Games
32:00 Murder Cinematography
43:00 The Perfect Crime
47:00 Should You Watch This


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