Trash & Treasures: But I’m a Cheerleader


This episode might have one of my favorite bits that we’ve ever recorded.

The Gay 90s gave us plenty of queer film, but none so uniquely beloved as this pastel pink satire-cum-romcom. While pretty damn important and frequently delightful (not to mention still damn rare), the writing is starting to show its age. But hey, at least the screenwriter went on to work on that powerhouse of magnificent writing: Smallville.

Movies about The Gay Experience are always quick to become time capsules, and while there’s still a lot to love here, it’s worth taking a magnifying glass to what happens when your satire doesn’t have goals beyond a nebulous “piss some people off on Both Sides.”

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of hate crimes, conversion therapy, sexual assault, suicide, and homophobia

2:00 New Queer Cinema
6:00 The Plot
8:00 Crew Info
14:00 The Rating Fight
19:00 Gag Casting
21:00 Elder Gays
26:00 The Campers
32:00 Where Were They Now (Smallville Corner)
35:00 Graham
42:00 Critical Reception
45:00 Suddenly Dark Shit
49:00 The Finale
54:00 Should You Watch This

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