Trash & Treasures: Fried Green Tomatoes

Here is a secret: I’m kind of a sucker for a good lady-led weepy. This is one. Kinda. Mostly.

Their love is so good.

Pride Month rolls on with a movie about a good ol’ platonic friendship, the kind where you kiss each other and run away from an abusive spouse and raise a child together. Extremely heterosexually, except for the source material that was written by a lesbian.

Fried Green Tomatoes is a big name in the “weepy” boom of the 80s and 90s, big prestigious family/generational dramas with star-studded female casts where somebody is bound to die of a fatal disease before the credits roll. So while this movie does technically have a dead lesbian, it’s not a killer case of the gays that gets her.

Meanwhile, poor Kathy Bates is trapped in the 90s feminism subplot from hell. Pray for her.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of racism, fatphobia, homophobia, and cannibalism. All the best love stories have cannibalism.

2:00 A History Lesson
9:00 Terrifying Southern Manners
14:00 Poor Kathy Bates
17:00 Alabama: Definitely the LEAST Racist State
21:00 Train Trauma
25:00 The Courtship
30:00 90s Feminism
36:30 Cannibalism!
42:00 Courtroom Drama
46:00 Tears, Jerked
51:00 Should You Watch This

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