Requiem of the Rose King Nails Transmasculine Dysphoria–at a Cost


Requiem of the Rose King was initially pitched to me as “lulzy queer Shakespeare fanfic with an intersex protagonist.” There’s basically no faster way to get me to pick something up. While I did burn through the first seven volumes (of an unknown planned number; the end of seven implies the story is at about the halfway point) in record time, the journey was much less of an uncomplicated laugh riot than I’d been expecting. Parts of this series struck me to the core and remain with me even now, but they’re complicated by some dubious and arguably outright harmful writing choices that I can’t simply put aside.

(Content warning for discussion of transphobia and sexual assault)

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Tiger & Bunny: All’s Well That Ends Well (The Consulting Analyst)


This series is made possible by a commission from Frank Hecker. You can find out more about commissions here. 


All’s Well That Ends Well.

“if the outcome of a situation is happy, this compensates for any previous difficulty or unpleasantness.”

Origin: possibly in the middle ages, with Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

While Kotetsu’s life just about hit rock bottom in this episode, it ended with him meeting the man who’d save his life.

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