Trash & Treasures: Crash

You might’ve noticed I’m a bit of a Cronenberg nerd. So here’s me geeking out about what I’d easily call one of his top five.

Today is a momentous occasion for the podcast: the three avowed Cronenerds finally get to talk about one of his movies in its own episode.

Crash is a film about a lot of things: sex, consent, the ethics of kink, the lines between community and cult….or, if you’re boring, it’s just That One Scene where James Spader humps a woman’s yonic leg scar.

Join us in wondering how the fuck a movie about people’s sex lives had an R-rated cut, why James Spader has sexual chemistry with literally everything, and why this movie isn’t more famous than the shitty oscarbait Crash.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of unsafe sex, sexual assault, disability fetishism, animal death, self-harm, and lots of car crashes

JG Ballard’s Short Film

More About Jayne Mansfield

2:00 R-rated Cut How
4:00 We’re Cronenberg Nerds
7:00 Plot Synopsis
10:00 JG Ballard
16:00 Pivotal Cut Scenes
19:00 The Honeymoon Period
23:00 Tent Pegs
25:00 Vaughn, Human Greaseball
31:00 Serial Killer Scrapbook
35:00 The Dark Turn
43:00 Cronenberg as Director

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