Vrai Rewatches Michiko & Hatchin


Over the past month I got together for maybe the best podcast series Anime Feminist has put out so far–certainly the one I’m proudest of, and I say that having been proud to stand behind all the podcasts I’ve been part of for the site. My cohosts had fantastic insight into the series as women and enbies of color–it’s well worth listening for the discussion of police brutality, Brazil’s favelas, colorism, and double-standards re: WOC and sexuality.

I got to geek out about Sayo Yamamoto and Atsuko the magnificent disaster lesbian in between listening to the great discussion.





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  1. I liked the podcast, although it has some disagreements with some issues raised and also with the lack of others that could also be raised. Like Hiroshi, it’s amazing but most reviews about michiko to hatchin treat him like he’s just a harmless idiot, though this idiot faked his own death by abandoning Michiko in prison for 12 years. Besides having cheated Satoshi and the cops all this time?
    Hiroshi is also partially responsible for the death of Satoshi, since it was the fact that he had stolen the big boss of Goinia Juninho, made Satoshi suspicious in his eyes. Another thing Atsuko is who gave Michiko the photo of Hatchin in prison, did she know where Hiroshi was? Why did not she ever want to meet him?

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