Trash & Treasures: Reefer Madness the Musical

I love this movie so much. But boy, it is just a little bit of unearned smugness going on.

In the late 90s, Kevin Murphy (Edit: no, not that MST3K one, though we regrettably make that mistake in the episode) debuted a musical version of the famous 1930s scare film on the LA theatre scene. Several years later, Showtime filmed a version of the musical, and the results are here before you–they are only a little bit smug.

BEHOLD, Alan Cumming doing his very best Stephen Colbert impression. WITNESS. Future Frozen star Kristen Bell rocking some excellent dominatrix gear. SEE. A bunch of comic actors who deserve a lot more appreciation.

CONTENT WARNING for sexual assault, intimate partner abuse, cannibalism, racism, and homophobia.

2:00 Vrai is a Theatre Geek
7:00 Yes We Were High
13:00 The One Joke
17:00 That Animation Was a CHOICE
21;00 Mary Lane (Get It)
32:00 Den of Sin and Underrated Actors
45:00 Should You Watch This

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  1. I hate to be that guy, but it’s sadly not the Tom Servo Kevin Murphy, it’s the Desperate Housewives Kevin Murphy who did Reefer Madness the Musical. (Though OUR Kevin did a fine job on the Reefer Madness Rifftrax!)

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