Spring 2018 Anime Premieres (Part 2)


Back again! Here’s the second half of what I reviewed this season. Some unexpected gems and also the worst the season has to offer.

As always, one line summaries are also linked to my longer reviews.


Cutie Honey Universe

I’ve wanted to try out Cutie Honey for a while but this just isn’t the installment for it, making Honey a teenager despite several franchise installments where she’s an adult and amping up all the stale, homophobic jokes from the original 70s incarnation. Gimme Re: Cutie Honey instead.


Golden Kamuy

I’m late to the party but this is damned fun and striking, with a dedication to showcasing Ainu culture in a respectful way and a solid main dynamic. The CG is hilarious but so far it hasn’t shot things in the foot.


Last Period: the journey to the end of despair

This came right the fuck out of nowhere and surprised me by being a 90s-style “broke losers in an absurd universe” comedy spinning off of mobile game logic the way Slayers prods at D&D. It’s got charm.


Butlers x Battlers

It’s smug, ugly, dull, and really hates women despite ostensibly marketing to them. I want to punch its stupid face.


Doreiku the Animation

I expected it to be sleazy, it’s right there in the “tech that enslaves people” premise. I’m insulted by the fact that it seems to think it has Deep Thoughts. I have more respect for outright porn than these masturbatory troglodytes.


Spring 2018 Premiere Digest

Here’s all the premieres with content warnings in one place, both my reviews and the rest of the team’s.

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  1. I honestly wasn’t all that bothered by the CG bear in Golden Kamuy. Sure, it wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but a lot of people seemed to think the CG was enough for them to drop the show completely. Which I could understand if the bear was going to become a recurring character or something, but otherwise, I’m mystified. (Plus, I found the CG in Piano no Mori way more irksome, just for a comparison point.)

    • Well, hunting is a big component of the series, so if ALL the CG animals look that awkward and bad (the wolf didn’t look stellar either) then it could risk becoming a notable issue.
      Plus, if the goal was to have the Wenkamuy look unearthly, it’s not so good that it looked exactly the same as the regular bear.

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