Vrai Watches Kill la Kill (Part 4)


I made it to the end, for better and worse. The short version? This is a real case of diamonds encased in shit, Ryumako is a good and canonical ship, the StuCo are cute kids, and if anyone tries to talk to me about this series in future without me bringing it up first I will melt them with fucking lasers, because this show has the most intolerable fanbase since Madoka and Evangelion.


Show notes are over at Anime Feminist!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea the fanbase for Kill la Kill was that bad (or for Madoka or Evangelion, come to that). I mean I like all of those shows, to greater or lesser degrees, but I guess I’ve just had very little contact as far as the deep fandom is concerned. Mostly I just watch stuff, write on my blog, and read a few other blogs. I assume I’d have to dive into fanart or fanfiction or some such to meet the intolerable fans you speak of.

    • Oh, you needn’t. You just need to hop over to twitter and say “I didn’t enjoy an element of this.” There are elements of all three shows I either like or respect, but God forbid anyone say that satan Homura was maybe a needlessly bleak, nihilistic, and homophobic narrative decision.

  2. I love the anime Psycho Pass but I feel there are elements of it that are pretty messed up too and the fandom “worships” Shogo Makishima and Shinya Kougami too much. I loved Kill la Kill. And yeah bi-goggles on for Ryu x Mako and well almost every character.

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