Trash & Treasures: Executioners from Shaolin

This film is the epic, multi-generational tale of uncovering how exactly to punch a murderer in the dick. And in the end, the day is saved by wig-snatching.

Executioners from Shaolin is a Shaw Brothers film, the most prolific and influential studio in Chinese cinema. We tease, but this is a time to pay tribute to a troupe of incredibly skilled actors and athletes. The stunts they pull of in this film, including dragging a man around by the foot with thigh muscle alone and putting out a FLAMING METAL STATUE WITH YOUR HANDS, are beyond awesome.

Shawn also has some very special words for Quentin Tarantino.

CONTENT WARNING for mentions of sexual assault.

2:00 History of Shaw Brothers
5:00 Tarantino’s Fanfic
9:00 Pai Mei, Historical Figure
13:00 The Shit Dub
19:00 Theatricality and Rbellion
24:00 Ying Chun
27:00 Very Important Advice
29:00 Not Creepy We Swear
33:00 Time Skip
36:00 Revenge Fail
41:30 The Son of Hung
43:30 We Don’t Know Enough to Themes
46:00 Should You Watch This

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