Trash & Treasures: The Thief and the Cobbler

I am here to destroy the myth of the Poor Put Upon Genius who’s work was thwarted. Because man, fuck this guy for wasting so many people’s work.

This is the tragedy of a group of animators who poured their hearts into thousands of drawings that never made it to the screen, because a genuinely talented but overly entitled asshole with too much money and too many chances was way more interested in self-indulgently creating a Perfect Vision (which he didn’t even have a clear vision of).

Thief and the Cobbler has a famously fucked up production history, consuming hundreds of lives and millions of dollars over almost half a century. The result? An unfinished work cut heroically preserved by dedicated fans, that’s part truly gorgeous and part literally physically painful to watch.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of racism, sexism, and sexual assault

The Recobbled Cut (seizure warning)

3:00 The Animator’s Animation
7:00 Starting with the 60s
11:00 Sakuga Interlude
16:00 Patron #1
18:00 Introduction of Tack
23:00 Patron #2
27:00 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
29:00 Patron #3
32:00 Aladdin
35:00 Released Versions
38:00 The Details
47:30 Rule of Threes
49:00 Women as Literal Objects
51:00 This is What We Got
55:30 Should You Watch This

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