Trash & Treasures: Audition

Audition is the story of a Nice Guy who just wants to meet a nice young woman by leveraging his position as a producer to ask strangers intimate questions under false pretenses. For some reason, this ends with bad things happening to him (and it’s awesome).

Gather round for Shiina Eihi’s magnetic, amazing performance and the bone-deep satisfaction of watching this asshole get what’s coming to him. Also some really great surrealism. Yes, it’s disturbing, but not for the reason Eli Roth seems to think it is.

CONTENT WARNING for dismemberment, sexual abuse, child abuse, animal death, and the worst use of bodily fluids.

BRAVO scariest moments

Exterminating Angels

1:00 Previously On
2:30 A LADY Killer (gasp)
6:00 Filmmaking Pedigree
9:00 Less Pro-Woman, More Anti-Men
15:00 90s Tech
17:00 A Foolproof Plan (the DENNIS Method)
22:00 False Pretense First Date
27:00 Shiina Eihi
29:00 Rank Up Trauma Backstory
32:00 Detective Work IN HELL
35:00 Asami, Man-made Monster
41:00 The Most Upsetting Thing
48:00 Also a Foot Gets Cut Off
52:00 Should You Watch This

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